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The Local Governing Body of Somers Heath Primary School;

Sandra Connington - Chair, LGB Governor

Darren Trigg - Vice Chair, LGB Governor

Jenny Bond - LGB Governor

Richard Skyers - LGB Governor

Sally Lawrence - Staff Governor

Sophie Smithson - Parent Governor

Katie Bisceglia - Parent Governor

Vacancy - Staff Governor

Clerk to the Local Governing Body:  Sarah Lilley​

Governor Appointment details can be found by clicking here.  Governor Appointments

Dates of the Local Governing Body for 2018/19​:

21st March 2019

4th July 2019​

Business and Pecuniary Interests of Members of Governing Bodies   

Business Interests Declaration 2017

Governor Meeting Attendance

The members of Somers Heath Primary School Local Governing Body are required to complete an annual Declaration of Business Interests.  Copies of these declarations are held by the Clerk of Governors and are inspected annually by the appointed Auditors.  If there were any relevant Business and Pecuniary Interests these would be declared here on the website of Somers Heath Primary School.

Somers Heath Primary School is part of Catalyst Acadamies Trust.  For further information please visit the website

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