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   The PTA was set up by the school as a voice for parents and to help raise much needed funds for the school.

   We work on behalf of the parents and liaise with Mr Imbush (Headteacher) and the Schoo lGovernors and have the school and children’s

   best interest at heart.

   Our Officers are:         

  Chairperson: Darren Trigg 

  Vice Chair Events: Ian Burgess 

  Vice Chair Committee: Tanya Coombes 

  Secretary: Cemay Imren 

  Treasurers: Sam Biggs and Rachael Whyberd​

   We can be found in the playground before and after school. Below is also a list of the parent representatives for each year.

   Class representatives are:

   Nursery                       Tanya Coombes

   Gems/Stars                 Louise Williams

   1H                                Angelo Bisceglia

   1FT                              Ian Burgess

   2T                                Tanya Coombes/Rachael Whyberd

   2B                                Vacant

   3J                                 Katie Leah

   3K                                Jamie Toop

   4L                                 Laura Chapman

   5J                                 Emma Reed

   5H                                Darren Trigg

   6W/6O                          Rachael Guy

   We have regular meetings to discuss issues, concerns and ideas that other parents have brought to our attention or even consider

   important ourselves. Some of the discussions we have had include, uniforms, safety surrounding the school and parking on yellow lines,

   the possibility of the school being allocated a lolly pop person.


   We welcome your views, comments, suggestions and ideas and can discuss them at our next meeting. You can contact the Parents' Forum

   via email:


   We hold monthly PTA Meetings with the Headteacher which the minutes can be viewed by clicking the appropriate link below:

   AGM 2018



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